THE BRIAN LAUNDRIE FACTS HE IS HIDING IN WESTERN NC OR NEW BERN NC – 14 witnesses say a person matching the description of Brian Laundrie was seen in Greenville TN, Madison County, and Weaverville / Woodfin NC, (Woodland Hills area)

A Hyundai Sonata with tag number FKF-3705 was seen in Madison County and Greenville TN registered to a Thomas Laundrie in New Bern NC.

A woman was seen driving a white Hyundai Sonata twice with a man matching the description of Brian Laundrie. The woman is described to be in her 20’s with dark brown hair.

New Bern Police Chief Patrick Gallagher confirms Thomas Laundrie is the Uncle of Brian Laundrie.

Thomas Laundrie’s car seen at cabin 50 feet away from the Appalachian Trail. Make, model, and tag match.

Source says he spoke to Thomas Laundrie at cabin. Source says woman seen with him looked like she did not want to be there.

Skyline calls the Green County Sheriff’s Office. Three Deputies knock on door of cabin thought to be the cabin that woman was in distress. It was the wrong cabin.

Man fitting description of Brian Laundrie hides in the bushes, one block from Uncles New Bern home, after realizing he is on camera.

Unmarked police cars near Thomas Laundrie’s New Bern home.

Two drones come out when Skyline investigators get close to cabin at night via National Forest property.

Witness says he saw Brian Laundrie in a white F-150 truck near near Waterville Rd off I-40. That’s at a trail head for the Appalachian Trail.

White F-150 shows back up, yesterday, at the cabin that the drones flew over.

Why are the Feds not searching here in the mountains? Or are they?


Meadows Fork Rd – Madison County NC

Grouse Rd – Madison County NC

Max Patch Rd – Madison County NC

Lawson St / Hot Springs – Madison County NC

Waterville Rd area I-40 – Haywood County NC

Log Cabin Rd – Green County TN

Viking Mnt Rd – 1st Fire Tower pull off – Green County TN

Woodland Hills Citgo – Buncombe County NC

From Log Cabin Rd to Waterville Rd is a straight line along the Appalachian Trail and it goes straight through Max Patch and Hot Springs. “Could someone have been meeting Brian Laundrie along trail heads of the Appalachian Trail?

Brian Laundrie Instagram Picture on the Appalachian Trail


The Instagram pictures of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie show the two were on the Appalachian Trail several months ago.


Skyline has five investigators and ten US Veteran Special Ops team members searching for Brian Laundrie but it is a large area. No one knows the search area better than the bear hunters. The local bear hunters just had dog training trials and it is over. Bear hunting season starts on October 15th.

Skyline would like to ask all bear hunters within the search area to check your wildlife cams as soon as possible. We are also asking to look for a white F-150 in areas that would not be seen from a road with a lot of traffic especially in the Max Patch area.

TN Bear Hunters