Facebook and other social media use algorithms to find certain words that are on their “flag” and “remove” list. These algorithms prevent the public from seeing both sides of a particular topic social media does not want you to see.

In order to report fair and balanced news regarding covid and 2020 election issues Skyline will introduce these reports as TV shows in the headlines in an attempt to bring you the whole story.

All of these particular reports will link you directly to the Skyline News website where nothing can take the reports down. If you share these posts please do not type any words that are covid or election related in your post.

This post, (you are reading right now), will be flagged by Facebook because it has the words “covid” and “election”. All covid and election reports from now on will have the words “MASH” for a covid report and “Matlock” for the 2020 election.

Skyline believes this is the first time in US history that the press has had to use codes to get news reports to the general public.