The FBI confirmed Monday that “DarkSide” was behind the attack on the Colonial Pipeline that supplies oil to the South Eastern United States.

DarkSide is a hacker group that sells their hacks and talents for money. DarkSide makes ransomware hacking tools, but only largely sells to individuals that go after prednisone back order for-profit companies.

According to their website, DarkSide has a perverse desire to appear ethical, even posting its own code of conduct for its customers telling them who and what targets are acceptable to attack. Protected organizations not to be harmed include hospitals, hospices, schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations. bulkily Also protected are entities based in former Soviet countries.

According to Cyberreason, DarkSide conducts “double extortion,” which means the hackers not only encrypt and lock up the victim’s data, but they also steal data and threaten to make it public on the “DarkSide Leaks” website if companies don’t pay ransom.

Typical ransom demands range from $200,000 to $20 million, and Cybereason says the hackers gathered detailed intelligence on their victims, learning the size and scope of the company as well as who the key decision-makers are inside the firm.

Who Really Is DarkSide?

Antifa attacks for profit companies.

Antifa believes in communist Soviet philosophy.

Antifa gathers intelligence on their victims, doxxes peoples personal information whether it’s true or not.

When Will The Gas Shortage End?

Colonial Pipeline announced today that it “hoped to substantially restore service by week’s end”, raising the prospect that a cyberattack that took down the primary fuel conduit for the South East could last several more days.

Asheville gas station attendants tell Skyline that when they run out of gas they will be receiving a “split load”. Meaning the tanker of gas that delivers to a gas station typically holds 11,000 gallons of gas. 5500 gallons will be delivered to a gas station and the other half of the tanker load will be delivered to another gas station until the crisis is over. Other attendants tell Skyline it could be up to 48 hours before they recieve another load of gas.

How To Stop Another Cyber Attack?

Cyber security firms across the country say the only way to prevent cyber security issues is to have corporate computers, that operate things like pipe lines, to be completely removed from the internet. All downloads and and updates to corporate computers should be internal only.