NESBITT’S NEWS AND OPINION – “You will have to click to see this story. (CODE)”

NESBITT’S NEWS AND OPINION – “You will have to click to see this story. (CODE)”

Al Bāb JUST FOR THE RECORD – When I was in the hospital unconscious they tested me for covid. I came back negative!

When Grandad was in the hospital this week they tested him for covid. He came back negative!

None of us have had covid because we take the same thing the US Special Forces, DHS, US Border Patrol, and US Defense Contractors take.

It’s an all natural herb for malaria. You have heard me talk about it before. It’s called Artemisinin.

This is what Artemisinin does –
If covid enters your body the Artemisinin attacks it. It holds on to the virus so that it will not spread to your cells. It holds the virus and starves it so it can not develop in your body.

I have been around crowds, needle camps, protestors, you name it. Never have I had a symptom of covid simply because I take this regiment developed by US Defense Contractors –

Artemisinin 15mg
Vitamin D3 5000 IU
Green Tea
Daily Vitamins

These other things listed keep your immune system boosted.

Why will Facebook flag this and why is this not talked about in the media? Because it’s cheap! Big pharma isn’t making money on this. Hydrochloriquien is similar to Artemisinin except it is quinine based that treats malaria and of course covid-19. Both have saved thousands of elderly and heath compromised people around the world.