BONNIE & CLYDE’S RESTAURANT HONORS VETERAN’S WITH FREE DINNER – Once a month Bonnie & Clyde’s in Marshall NC honors Veteran’s with a free dinner. Over 100 Veteran’s, from all over Western NC, came yesterday for great food and reminisce the time they spent defending our country.

Pictured is Bonnie Whitener giving red, white, and blue handmade blankets to US Veterans. WW2, Korean, Vietnam, and both Iraq war Veterans were present. Vietnam Veteran (Marine) Jack Ledbetter said, “It is great to meet Veteran’s that served before and after me. Our diffrent age groups are not a matter. We are all one in the same and we all love America.” Asked Ledbetter what he did in Vietnam? Ledbetter said, “I flew air support.” Ledbetter said, “We really appreciate Mrs Bonnie, (Bonnie Whitener- owner), doing this for us. Her food is great.”

Sinfra 87 year old Korean War Veteran, (Navy), Jim Rhew said, “It’s good to see everyone and meet people. That damn Governor, (Roy Cooper), has had us couped up for to long.” Rhew said, “I’m taking Bonnie home with me. She can cook!”

Bonnie & Clyde’s has Appalachian cuisine at its finest. Fried chicken, steaks, meatloaf, fish, and more along with sides like corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and green beans are made the way WNC natives remember mountain cooking should be.

Bonnie & Clyde’s is located on the Marshall bypass just pass the State Employees Credit Union in Madison County.