About Skyline News

Skyline News is an investigative news team dedicated to truth, facts, and fair and balanced reporting. Skyline covers all of Western North Carolina and our journalists include six investigators.

  1. Three with law enforcement and legal backgrounds.
  2. One with forensic computer skills.
  3. Two with undercover skills.

All our investigators identities remain undisclosed for their safety and security as we often report on criminal activity.

It is important for the public to know that Skyline News accurately reports what interviewees tell us word for word. It is also important to know that Skyline only reports credible information. In our reporting we use three bases for a report –

  1. An actual on camera interview or on site reporting.
  2. Extremely credible first hand knowledge of what is being reported.
  3. Three independent credible sources corroborating the same report.

Skyline believes there is a difference between reporting the news and opinionated news. They are not the same. If an opinion piece is on our website or social media it will say “Opinion”.

Skyline prides ourselves in bringing you the news first. We cover all traffic, weather, and current events.

Karnobat Chad Nesbitt is the President of Skyline News. Nesbitt is an investigative journalist with over 4000 interviews and reports. Nesbitt is known for investigating stories other news media refuse. His reports have made national news on OANN, FOX News, Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, The Blaze, and others. He has been a guest on the Rush Limbaugh Show, the Glen Beck Show, and numerous talk shows throught the South East.

Before Skyline News, Nesbitt was a freelance journalist for the Leicester Leader, Weaverville Tribune, and the Asheville Tribune.

Chad Nesbitt was the executive producer and writer for television shows seen on Charter Media and Speed Vision – “Rick’s Racing Report” and “Asphalt Surfers.” He was also the producer and co-host for the “Citizens Speak Talk Radio Show” on Saga Radio and a regular on the “Citizen Speaks TV Show” – Charter Channel 10.

Nesbitt is from Asheville NC but lived a good portion of his life in Savannah GA where he attended (SCAD) the Savannah School of Art and Design. He is a former Chairman of the Buncombe County Republican and in 2008 founded the Carolina Stompers, a conservative satire and activist organization with over 22,000 members.

Chad Nesbitt is a Shriner and helps the Shriners Hospital for the Burned and Crippled Children. In 2001 he was the lead organizer of “SOS” Support Our Soldiers in Asheville. The event drew over 7000 people to downtown Asheville and was heard all over the world via Marine Base Radio. Nesbitt continues to help homeless Veterans, supports US Military events, and airshow’s.

Nesbitt is married with one daughter and they attend Trinity Baptist Church. He is a competitive skydiver and enjoys scuba diving on the east coast.